Web shop development

We develop web shops with original design and advanced options

Web shop development

Our web shop design already includes a package of advanced functionality

Yes, if you decided to start a product web sales business or raise the level of existing online services, regardless of the type or scope of the sales assortment, we provide you with:

  • Original web design
  • Advanced content search and filtering system
  • One page check out - fast ordering without a boring process in the "steps "
  • Interconnection of products according to characteristics
  • Cross selling - manual connection possibility of complementary products as desired and need
  • Design and functionality of websites tailored to all devices (responsive design)
  • Promotional upgrade with promo design (banners, photography, etc.)
  • Professional maintenance of the web shop system and support

Creating web shop - turnkey

Basic issues of launching a web shop relate to the development time, costs and profitability of such systems. All these issues are in a place and the decision to launch a web shop is a combination of good potential analysis and sales projections. We developed tested and effective web sales system that is enhanced by the original web design and promotional design as well as the ultimate photography for product presentation. We also advise you through the entire web store process, and you will certainly get (regardless of the size of your product range):

  • Full functionality of the web shop
  • Ability to connect a lager with a parent ERP application
  • Automated initial filling of the assortment

Web stranice i web trgovine 08

Photo: Biovitalis web shop [read more]

Functionality and good web shop design

Web site design is a bit more complex than classic web sites, but by recognizing essential elements we can define all the necessary functional parts and with your approval set the system at the desired price range. Our aim is to provide you with a web shop high visual standard at favorable terms, be your developing partner and answer your phone calls :)

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