Frozen fruits packaging

Frozen fruits packaging

This project involved branding and designing the packaging line for frozen fruits.

Food packaging design

Product line packaging design always begins with branding and creating the so-called "master" that should provide guidelines for the visual identity of the entire product line. Well-established "foundations" provide the freedom to create a comprehensive communication package that serves both functional and promotional purposes.

In this case, the stylistic play gives an impression of sophistication, value, and freshness - all elements needed in serious packaging communication for food products.

Eurospin smrznuto voce 01 borovnica

Eurospin smrznuto voce 02 malina

Eurospin smrznuto voce 03 sumsko

Eurospin smrznuto voce 04 jagoda

Eurospin smrznuto voce 05 visnja

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