Video spots and video clips

A video spot or video clip is a great way to present a company or product.

Video spots and video clips

We offer various services of recording video materials and video spots

If you looking for a turnkey service to capture and install video material as attractive video clips, at Kreda Studio we can help you.

  • Recording video materials
  • Presentational materials for websites
  • Video clips for online marketing
  • Videos for TV advertising
  • Video material installation
  • Voice recording (speaker) and sound editing

Combine video clips and photos for "wow-effect"

Allow potential buyers and partners to briefly observe your manufacturing and business processes to gain a realistic, striking impression. Details of your daily tasks and routines can be arranged in an interesting video story that will send message to the person on the other side better than any media. The best results are achieved when we combine recording video materials with a photo of your production and business processes into a full featured presentation, for example, on your business websites.

Take a look at some of the videos produced by the Kreda team for promotion and presentation of various services and products:

Video for promotion of Dinamikom Alboom web app (video + audio):

Video clip for header of Vego brand website (rotating about 30 seconds):

Video for promotion of Biovitalis company on websites (video + audio):

Video clip for header of Prokon company websites (rotating about 30 seconds):

Video for TV promotion of Pro-eco products (video + audio):

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