Omogućite da sadržaj vaših web stranica bude visoko rangiran prilikom pretraživanja ključnih pojmova.


What is included in SEO (optimization)?

Briefly, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of different procedures that together allow to your websites content to be highly ranked when keyword terms are searched. While there are many targeted techniques to achieve better search results, it is necessary that the architecture and website content are done properly in the beginning.

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Photo: SEO optimization and analytics

The basic segments of a good initial SEO on a website include:

  • Defining important (key) terms
  • Category elaboration (web architecture)
  • Defining article titles
  • Appearing of key terms in texts
  • Correct usage of "H-tags"
  • Internal and external website links
  • Periodically content replenishment (content management)

In addition to basic site settings, consider the following procedures to increase the rating of your website:

  • Advertising through Google Systems
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Writing copyright content
  • Video presentations

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