Leaflet design and flyer design

Leaflet design and flyer design

What’s important for leaflet and flayer design?

Flyer quality is achieved by:

  • Attractive basic message
  • Problem solution indication
  • Quality photo (of products or services)
  • Effectivency information
  • Interesting flyer spacial form
  • Additional creatively molded flyer stand

Kreda Packaging 05

Photo: Attractive flyer design for Haradent products promotion [read more]

Excellent promotion through POS material next to flyer stand design

When flyers are positioned on the flyer stand (display), they can become an interesting POS (Point of Sale) material at product sale site or as part of promotion at fairs and seminars.

Leaflet design or flayer design appears in different shapes and formats, so the knowledge and skills of graphic designers are key to transferring ideas and content to the target type of printed material. Particular attention is also given to the prepress / production since only then can we guarantee that the final product is good.

Kreda Brochure 08

Photo: Flyer design and flyer stand design for Bauerfeind Croatia [read more]

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