Web advertising and campaign management

Do you know that the content of your websites, promotional articles and online ads is often crucial to the effectiveness of your communication?

Web advertising and campaign management

What is quality (online) advertising?

We assist you with internet ads creation, and all doubts regarding the way of communication preparation. By advertising content, the best effects are achieved through continuous content update during a longer period and it is very important to make a good online advertising plan. If you are not sure what your content or dynamics should be, please feel free to contact us. We offer:

  • Advertising guidelines
  • Media planning
  • Design of web banner and ad
  • Devising of text, slogan and catchword
  • Original photo and video
  • Managing social network profiles
  • Ad distribution (communication with advertisers and media)
  • Newsletters creation and sent
  • Managing internet advertising

Composing and structuring content of internet campaigns

From the practice we know how important (sometimes key) it is to prepare good content of presentational and promotional activities on websites within managing of internet advertising. Therefore we help you to plan content and create and use it for specific channels (web pages, social networks, internet ads). The full content includes:

  • Basic texts for your company home page
  • Descriptions of key services and business segments
  • Descriptions of production processes and production assortments
  • Characteristics and details of product use
  • Extraction of key concepts and presentation to final users (customers, clients)
  • Visualization, schemes and diagrams
  • Profesional photos and video materials

Kreda Content managment 01

Photo: Managing Facebook profile and internet advertising of Dinamikom project

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