Industrial facility photography for Ancorp

Industrial facility photography for Ancorp

The export-oriented company Ancorp deals with CNC metal processing. Their need for a clear and high-quality presentation on domestic and foreign markets connected our two companies.

Photography of production facilities for promotion

We did field photography of production at the company's location and complete post-production, which included photo processing and preparation for promotion. Kreda rounded off the promotional story with the design of promotional brochures in several languages ​​and the creation of new company websites.

See also the photo of the Ancorp production facilities - here.

Ancorp foto 01

Ancorp foto 02

Ancorp foto 03

Ancorp foto 04

Ancorp foto 11

Ancorp foto 10

Ancorp foto 06

Ancorp foto 05

Ancorp foto 07

Ancorp foto 08

Ancorp foto 09

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