Saperlot craft beer packaging

Saperlot craft beer packaging

Continuing the excellent cooperation with the producer of original alcoholic beverages Saperlot took us into the domain of popular craft beers.

Packaging design - for trendy drinks

The new project includes the packaging design of the Saperlot craft beer product line. Craft culture has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, so matching design is a big challenge. The harmony of playfulness and communication simplicity must attract the user and leave a mark in the memory, both on the drink quality and on the original visual story.

Saperlot pivo 10

Saperlot pivo 01

Saperlot pivo 02

Saperlot pivo 04

Saperlot pivo 07

Saperlot pivo 09

Fotografija za dizajn i dizajn promotivog plakata

Saperlot pivo plakat

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