Centrometal product catalogue

Centrometal product catalogue

One of the leading heating system manufacturers in Croatia hired us to create their product catalog.

Product catalog design

The creation of a product catalog always begins with a thorough analysis of the client's communication potential and portfolio. Only after structuring the content, we proceed with designing the visual identity of the catalog, presentation, and alignment. Following that, the final stage involves layout design, and ultimately, the printing of promotional materials. Regardless of our many years of experience, holding a catalog of several hundred pages in hand always evokes a sense of satisfaction and a successful outcome of the project.

In addition to the design, Kreda also conducted a photoshoot of the production facilities for the purposes of the catalog.

Centrometal katalog 01

Centrometal katalog 02

Centrometal katalog 03

Centrometal katalog 04

Centrometal katalog 05

Centrometal katalog 06

Centrometal katalog 07

Centrometal katalog 08

Centrometal katalog 09

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