Dinamikom web app - modern online communication

Dinamikom web app - modern online communication

Dinamikom is a web application for advanced communication and content sharing between child-institutions (schools, kindergartens) and their parents. Apart from the e-notice board, Dinamikom offers, among other things, the possibility of effective internal communication between the institution staff and archiving documents and content.

Dinamikom is designed as a contemporary web application that provides effective, easy and fast internal communication to kindergarten, schools and child-institutions, and informs and exchanges content with parents of children attending an institution.

Dinamikom web app as as complete communication and business solution

Dinamikom is an originally designed and program-driven system based on the experiences of parents of preschool and school age, in cooperation with children-raising specialists. It is also tailored to IT beginners, making it a unique solution that combines the aspect of gradual customization of users to electronic communications and the advanced functions of modern systems.

Visit: demo.vrtic.hr

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Dinamikom offers:

  • Electronic notice board with instant group and individual notification
  • Independent user administration tailored to the specifics of the internal organization
  • Protected photo editing and photo gallery for defined user groups
  • Surveying and commenting on content
  • Creating internal groups for communication and sharing of documentation
  • Supervision of disclosure and traceability of communications

Along with the web application, Dinamikom through a specialized web portal Dinamikom.eu offers various information and content related to parenting, child raising and education.

The video for Dinamikom Alboom web app promotion (video + audio):

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