Haradent product line branding and packaging design

Haradent product line branding and packaging design

To the home made idea for Haradent product line we gave the final touch through product branding and packaging design. For the domestic company Elbi Medikal we made graphic design of Zeoli product packaging - dental powder based on a completely natural zeolite crystal.

Challenge of packaging attractive design

Small packaging dimension dictated certain packaging design guidelines, but the difficulty of challenging to create a noticeable and dynamic visual product is at the end proportionate to an easy presentation of a successful project. Simplicity and dynamic are the main features of this design next to devising of product text that in one of the solutions represents the essence of transferring customer information. In the final production, special metallic colors were used to emphasize dynamics of the visualsand to give an added value to a small dimensions product.

Haradent packaging 01

Haradent identity 01

Haradent packaging 02

Haradent packaging 03

Haradent packaging 04

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