TEA Medicina packaging design and product promotion

TEA Medicina packaging design and product promotion

TEA Medicina is a renowned distributor of high quality diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices. We had the opportwholey to create and design a presentation of one of their products - from promotional stories, devising slogans and verbal design, packaging design to visualsdesign and promotional materials at sales locations.

Packaging design for small but powerful technology

Small but effective blood glucose meter daily provides the safety and worth of insulin therapy to the user. Precision is the most important here. That's why the main slogan of the campaign "Sufficient is just one" alludes to a technologically superior product that will get maximum precise measurement results from a single drop of blood. Creative elaboration follows the basic visualssolution in design through all promotional materials (original flyer display design, file design, leaflet design) and gives a complete, recognizable market visual identity to the product and brand.

TEAMed packaging 01

TEAMed packaging 02

TEAMed packaging 03

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