Commercial campaigns design

Commercial campaigns design

Managing complete promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns always include ad design, and we provide you with:

  • Promotional campaigns concept (for press, electronic media and online)
  • Design of all necessary promotional and informational materials
  • Managing campaigns, media planning and media lease

Kreda Media plan

Photo: Example of ad planning (media planning) and managing campaign

Commercial campaigns from concept to production

Kreda Studio offer support and assistance with complete approach to your marketing activities to determine the right communication channels and make a significant step forward in company and services presentation:

  • Analysis and planning of marketing activities
  • Defining key terms
  • Media planing and budgeting
  • Managing online campaign
  • Branding and visual identity design
  • Graphic design of visuals, ads and promotional materials
  • Composing texts (copywriting), slogans and catchwords
  • Packaging design and product promotion
  • Photo and video shooting for promotional campaigns
  • Preparations for printing and production control

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