Corporate branding, company brand design

Transform your communication into a memorable story which gives you a strong marketing platform toward your costumers and clients.

Corporate branding, company brand design

Corporate branding is a combination of visual story and communication elements

To visually transfer the essence of your business idea and create a recognition framework, we create corporate branding as follows:

  • We analyze your business operations (starting idea, vision, mission)
  • We design logo by specifying key communication terms and color schemes
  • We present a logo with explanation of the elaboration segments
  • We make brand identity guidelines for proper reproduction of logo in digital and printed media
  • We compose catchwords, slogans and texts that complement communication in promo materials or on web sites
  • We create all business materials design (newsletters, presentations, brochures, reports, etc.) which serves as powerful presentation tool for clients, customers, and employees

Kreda Visual Identity 06

Photo: Geoid Beroš company logo and letterhead design [read more]

Branding, and visual identity create fundamental impression on the observer

Branding creates a universal story that transrefs the essence of your business. In order for your potential associate or customer to recognize you as a relevant partner, your company vision can be adequately converted into a meaningful and recognizable frame. This basic frame consists of graphical and textual elements - logo design and accompanying graphics, color selection, slogan, and  promotional texts that transref the initial impression and set the core of further communication. This segment needs to be done accurately and professionally to target the right style and the right measure of communication with the observer.

Kreda Visual Identity 02

Photo: Application of Biovitalis company corporate identity - promotional bag

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