Graphic prepress

KREDA Ready to go - we always make prepress files that are prepared for quality production process and can be delivered to printing office.

Graphic prepress

We insist on high standards of print preparation

Displayed on the screen, even the best graphic design is subject to production standards and needs to be professionally adapted to the maximum quality of the final product and monitored in the production process. With us you're sure of:

  • Professional computer processing of photography and graphics
  • Professional production planning
  • KREDA Ready to go“ - prepress digital artworks ready for production
  • Monitoring the printing process and adjusting parameters "on the machine", proof printing

Priprema za tisak clanak

Photo: Example of printed sheet

Planning is an exceptional basis for good graphic prepress

Graphic structure requires obeying many prepress rules that are extremely important for the ultimate look of material. Already within the process of planning and projecting of graphic design for catalogs, brochures or flyer, the following parameters that define individual phases of production are important:

  • Proper determination of computer color profiles
  • Mesure of formats by defining spatial and graphic supplements for production
  • Optimal selection of materials in relation to functionality, printing techniques and cardboard processes
  • Devising and graphic positioning of lines for finishing processes (cutting, bending, fluting, etc.)
  • Synchronization of functionality and style
  • Limitations and adaptations of graphic design in relation to technical and performance requirements and parameters
  • Creating 3D models for final customization

Kreda Visual Identity 22

Photo: Graphic design of Comet company planner

Prepress and printing control as a finish point

Promotional materials design is equally important as the professional prepress. In many projects, specific agreements with printing offices are required during the planning and pricing phase and later production control at the place (during printing) without which the graphic design could be brought into question.

We have many years of experience in graphic preparation, we work closely with printing offices, and we give our clients advice on planning, execution and production so the project can ultimately be the high quality one.

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