Ad design for Toshiba laptops

Ad design for Toshiba laptops

Original story, copywriting and photo editing in ad design

Toshiba Hrvatska (Croatia) company engaged us to make creative solutions that will be a step forward of their products presentation on the market. We created an ad design puts the original story and graphic performance in the foreground, along with devising of ad texts.

So, go quickly to the shop for a new ultra thin, stylish Toshiba laptop. Quickly means now, not tomorrow :-) Once again, we thank the Toshiba team for entrusting us with design tasks of several ads for these top-of-the-range devices.

Along with the ads original graphic design, we completed the proposed stories with promotional texts design...

Toshiba promo 01

Toshiba promo 02

Toshiba promo 03

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