Poster and flyer design of Aestas Musica manifestation

Poster and flyer design of Aestas Musica manifestation

The International Baroque Music and Dance Summer School is a unique project that enables students to get an insight into this classic art form in the presence of world-renowned artist-promoters. To compose a creative visualssolution for the manifestations promotion in the form of poster design and accompanying materials was to find the best way of comunication of traditional (classical) art in modern form of expression.

Poster design as an authenticity and abstraction combination

As the graphic solution central element we decided to use the authentic Baroque organ preserved at the Varaždin Music School. The organ communicate this way with the notion of baroque art, and with their antique appearance, they directly introduce the concept of atypical, classical music. The playful color and "explosion" of the visual art elements of graphic background are used as a metaphor of an ornate baroque style, and the composition dynamics emphasized the interaction of people through the media of music and dance.

Aestas promo 01

Aestas promo 02

Aestas promo 03

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