Promotive solutions for OTB Dubai company

Promotive solutions for OTB Dubai company

Dubai is not far away, and that is confirmed only by a top quality of reference for the cooperation with the world's largest companies.  We cooperated with OTB company by promotional materials design, painting of displays and designing large format posters.

OTB company is an international distributor of a wide range of products for athletes and people with special needs. Exiting to the Dubai market was presented by opening a new sales complex and presenting the company at local fairs.

Today's technology has enabled us to make efficiently and with no problems a number of creative solutions for promotional materials design and to prepare and deliver them for production in distant Dubai. Looks like the places, that often seems to be unavailable, are also not so far away. The key, of course, is the belief in one's own potentials and the quality behind certain work done.

OTB promo 01

OTB promo 02

OTB promo 03

OTB promo 04

OTB promo 05

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