Geoid Beroš corporate identity

Geoid Beroš corporate identity

Geoid Beroš company executes demanding deep drilling projects, with an emphasis on searching for underground water basins.

Playing with shapes, lines and colors to design visual identity

Logo design is based on the geometric symbol of the geoid (shape of the Earth) which is divided into layers with emphasized three-dimensional form. The game of rounded and flat shapes, lines, surfaces and color contrasts is a story about water in deep ground layers and a vertical approach to water pools with machine drilling technology. Expanded visual identity elaborated through the design details follows the technological precision of the business, but gives a general impression of a dynamic, interesting and modern company.

Within the branding design, we also created business card design (visit card) and the MS Word templates for email communication.

GeoidBeros identity 01

GeoidBeros identity 03

GeoidBeros identity 04

GeoidBeros identity 05

GeoidBeros identity 07

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