Newsletter design

Content managing, counseling, design and program implementation of your business newsletters.

Newsletter design

We make newsletters with a noticeable purpose

Creating newsletters enables you to provide the potential buyer / client with shortened and relevant information that will interest and direct them to your website. The website, therefore, must offer designed content that provides complete information about services or products and links to the newsletter design.

Efficient newsletter design means:

  • Good background of websites design and home websites content
  • Quality website article onto which, by newsletter, visitors are directed
  • Graphic design of newsletter with good promotional visuals and/or photos
  • Programming newsletter for proper email and mobile display
  • Quality promotional text for quick and easy communication
  • Tested system of managing emails
  • Newsletter customization to Personal Data Protection (GDPR for newsletter system)

Kreda Newsletter 01

Photo: Newsletter design for Preventa company

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