Midal website

Midal website

Company web presentation can be simple, effective, and enjoyable. An example is a web design for the Midal footwear factory, based on our original  photo for web.

Website design as a look at company

Company websites can literally function as a likeble window into you business world and at the same time keep a very professional look. In this case, with the original photo for the web, we set strong visual stories from production facilities that speak for themselves and ensure that the first look at the website is inspiring interest. Obtain positive contact of observer with content is best achieved with real photos of space, processes and people, giving you a real insight into the strengths and qualities of your business. Creating websites with relatively little content is always a challenge and a real test for every web designer / developer to make the overall delivered impression about company ultimately quality and professional.

Websites are customized for mobile devices display (responsive websites).

Visit: www.midal.hr

Midal web 01 responsive

Midal web 02

Midal web 03

Midal web 04

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