Fund shares online purchasing sistem for Global Invest

Fund shares online purchasing sistem for Global Invest

Within the complete services presentation of Global Invest, we also made a web application for online purchase of fund share. The aim is to provide all investors with superior ergonomics, speed, visibility and functionality at one place and ease the management of their investment portfolio in Global Invest.

Web app integrated into the company websites

The "Invest on Click" system is a compact and efficient web application for fund share purchase integrated into Global Invest company website, which we also devised and realized as part of complete service of this company towards investors. Investors can, by inspecting all relevant information on market indexes through the Global Invest website, fill in the online application request for share purchase and quickly achieve the desired transaction. The request is designed as a step-by-step application that combines different types of online (web) forms to fill in data with the ability to track and analyze archived content later.

We pay special attention to the ergonomics, that provides maximum of flexibility, tracking and speed in the transaction realization to our customers and Global Invest company.


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