Branding, photography and packaging of Vero product series

Branding, photography and packaging of Vero product series

Domestic company that guarantees the originality of its products prepared in its own facilities presents the incentive itself. Branding products and (in collaboration with people from Osatina company) product packaging design for first placement on the market was a big challenge.

Original photo in product design

Visual identity and individual packaging design, by original arrangement of food and packaging photo created at Kreda Studio, gave a valuable creative note and recognition to the dry-meat product series of Vero delicacy. Once again, thank you all at Vera company for given trust!

Try it yourself, it's good at every occasion when hunger does not ask...

Vero packaging 01

Vero packaging 03

Vero packaging 04

Vero packaging 05

Vero packaging 06

Vero packaging 07

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