Bioskin product line branding and packaging design

Bioskin product line branding and packaging design

Bioskin company product line contains three top quality cosmetic skin care products based on 100% natural ingredients. We contributed to development and placement through product branding, line logo design and packaging design.

Innovative recipes seek for top packaging design

Apart from having an innovative formula with the finest natural ingredients, by careful selection of colors, shades and shapes we gave recognizable and modern visualsstyle to products. Each product for itself is a small, specific story that successfully builds the entire Bioskin line.

The story about the design of the Bioskin product packaging is supplemented and completed with a flyer design, a product photo for promotional purposes, web banner design, and design of bags and other promotional materials.

Bioskin packaging 03

Bioskin packaging 04

Bioskin packaging 05

Bioskin packaging 06

Bioskin packaging 07

Bioskin packaging 02

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