Tansport and sales packaging design for Vego brand

Tansport and sales packaging design for Vego brand

Vegetables and fruits of Vego are real domestic products so the product branding and the packaging graphic design were a great challenge for the big manufacturer.

Vegetables and fruits packaging design

To transfer essential product quality through packaging design is always a task that brings a lot of work, but also the satisfaction. Transport packaging design requires additional attention and compliance with technical, performance standards. Vego is a brand with which the manufacturer emphasizes the genuineness of his products and modern customer access. By setting up a design of product and packaging, we merged these two assumptions

Vego packaging 07

Vego packaging 01

Vego packaging 03

Vego packaging 04

Vego packaging 05

Vego packaging 06

Vego packaging 08

Vego packaging 09

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