Ads and campaigns design for Bauerfeind

Ads and campaigns design for Bauerfeind

For the Bauerfeind company, our long-time client, we created poster design / ad design that will serve us in the coming period as a promotional visualsimage and the basis for a complete promotional campaign at the national level. The original graphic solution under the slogan "Movement is Life" was awarded the 1st prize of the public at the highest national Outdoor advertising contest.

When devising of Bauerfeind image campaign, we considered variety of products and decided to link the basic message to the company slogan "Movement is Life". Most demanding part of the project was to find a noticeable and simple visualsupgrade. As a human being is a center of life, and to help people is the base business commitment of company, so in visualization man appears as the main protagonist. The silhouette of a climber in movement and offering a helping hand are precisely the direct and definite visualization of the "movement means life" message.

Creative away movement and the extra styling dimension are introduced by placing a silhouette in the middle of the blue color eye which refers to the company corporative color, and communicates the vision of progress and a successful future. The concept is upgraded by creating an ad text where the term of tradition, service, and quality combined with the above-mentioned communication elements are completing the whole story.

Bauerfeind promo 01

Bauerfeind promo 02

Bauerfeind promo 03

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