Ads and posters design for Lumini Trade Center

Ads and posters design for Lumini Trade Center

Long-term collaboration with the Lumini Shopping Center has resulted in the creation of many promotional campaigns and ad design. Original graphic solutions of the visuals are always the basis of various promotional activities and communication in various media or at the event site by flyer designs, citylight posters design, jumbo poster design and more.

Diversity and imagination in approach of poster design, citylight design...

Lumini promo 01

Lumini promo 02

Lumini promo 03

Lumini promo 04

Lumini promo 05

Constant support in ad creation

Lumini promo 06

Lumini promo 07

Lumini promo 08

Lumini promo 09

Lumini promo 10

Lumini promo 11

Lumini promo 12

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