Graphics for interior design of Skeyndor Beauty center

Graphics for interior design of Skeyndor Beauty center

Creating a visual presentation of lifestyle that links body health and human inner peace was the main task of creating a complete creative graphic expression for the design of Skeyndor Beauty Center. Client reputation and the standards of quality that should be respected imposed high reanizational standards.

From designing large-format posters to simpler flyer design, brochure design and promotional information materials, we created the story with color and style that exudes elegance, calmness and respec for feelings. The series of positive emotions were passed onto the observer by space visuals. The warmth and quietness of the visualsmessage are introduced in a gentle  dynamics display with secondary graphic elements and without disturbing the balance. We applied campaign identity and basic guidelines as a link through the entire promotional materials design.

Skeyndor promo 01

Skeyndor promo 02

Skeyndor promo 03

Skeyndor promo 04

Skeyndor promo 05

Skeyndor promo 06

Skeyndor promo 07

Skeyndor promo 08

Skeyndor promo 10

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