Poster design for Colas product promotion

Poster design for Colas product promotion

For Colas d.d. company, a large European company specialized in low construction, we made original visual solutions and applied them as part of poster design, catalog design and promotional brochures.

Two of their premium products, recycled asphalt and concrete aggregate, they chosen to present through original poster design in a stylishly unusual and visually modern way, which we proposed as a way out of communication stereotypes of the profession. Combining the message with concealed in the symbolism of form, recognizable textures, dynamic composition and pure color, we created a story that communicates the power of technology and the corporate vision.  We are certain that such an approach can not go unnoticed.

Poster design also served as a basis for brochure design and the promotional material creation for business presentations...

Colas promo 01

Colas promo 02

Colas promo 03

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