Colas corporate materials design

Colas corporate materials design

The Colas Group is one of the world's largest corporations in the field of low-build civil engineering, while in Croatia it continues the tradition of the company Cesta d.d. As long-time partners, we followed the company Cesta and now we are continuing the cooperation with the company under the new name Colas Hrvatska.

Unusual design of the folder and memo

First task was to create corporate materials under the new company corporate identity that we happily made by offering original design for file (folder) and memos.

The file has an originally formed space shape (paper cut) that gives it excellent recognition with the attention not to disturb, but rather, to enhance the functionality of the folder itself.  We completely succeeded here that the new idea and the good performance result in an excellent final result.

Colas folder 01

Colas folder 03

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