Business folder design

Business folder design

Designing a folder through playfulness to get a striking impression

When designing business folder, we think about how to play with the look of the folder itself. Even small interventions can result in playfulness effect, which indicates the effort being made. Attractive business folder design will contribute to recognize and transfere the philosophy of your business to the public.

Kreda Visual Identity 08

Photo: Applying corporate identity of the Omega Software company to the folder design [read more]

When creating a business folder you get:

  • Designing original folder clipping form (spatial form)
  • Graphic design according to guidelines of visual identity
  • Printed 3D folder model
  • Advices on content managment
  • Complete prepress, communication with printing office, match-print

Do you know that during the folder design process it is very important to choose right dimensions and color system?

Yes, it is very important before design to determine the size of the folder to optimally utilize the space on the printed sheet. This also reduces production costs. At the same time, the requirements for placing some images and textual elements into the folder must fit into the correct color system to get the best print quality.

Kreda Visual Identity 19

Photo: Business folders design for Atera company

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