KTD furniture company brand identity and promo

KTD furniture company brand identity and promo

Each product or service can be described in several ways, with multiple styles, looking at the topic from different angles. The chosen variant largely determines how observers will initially perceive the product or service and whether they will develop a personal and positive attitude about the submitted message.

Copywriting, ad design and poster design

For the KTD company as a top furniture manufacturer, we developed complete promotional strategy and made commercials design that will transref the idea of joy of living in a pleasant environment. This is exactly the best communication link with the company business orientation. Our aim was to create a framework that will indirectly but very personally transfer the essence of the value of a complete company service. By devising slogans, messages, and with visual solutions that put humans in the first place and their satisfaction, we transfer a positive intention in a specific way. As well product is visually introduced as a clear scene and part of the overall picture of affordable everyday life, which it really is.

Parallel, the corporate identity design upgrade was realized. Firstly, the logo was expanded with a sound and memorable corporate slogan "Imagine and Create" that introduces the concepts of creative freedom and original access to the product story. By further elaboration of the brand system and using the symbolism, we introduce the possibilities of targeted communication with the market. Further information exchange with customers will be more interesting, precise and clearer this way.

We created jumbo poster design...

KTD promo 01

KTD promo 02

KTD promo 03

Also, there is a T-shirts design...

KTD promo 04

Creative solution for vehicle painting ...

KTD promo 05

Logo design for certain furniture categories....

KTD promo 06

KTD promo 07

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