Image posters for Farmex promotion

Image posters for Farmex promotion

With a series of image posters for Farmex company, in a direct and interesting way, we introduced to the observer the company core business strategy - from children care and older to the preservation of beauty and health. Distributing a wide range of specialized products, communicating is reduced to the most important - man and the improvement of standards of vital elements of life.

With the combination of photography and computer graphics we have created a bit puzzling visual solutions of poster design that encourage observer to think about concepts:  children attention, older people need, freedom of movement and body health, etc.

By slogan devising and original short messages, embedded in a graphic solution, we enriched the whole by the style and communication and by rounding off the expression in a bit of artistic, free form. The aim was achieved through content that can be observed, read, and later discussed.

Farmex promo 01

Farmex promo 02

Farmex promo 03

Farmex promo 04

Farmex promo 05

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