Design of promotional visual for Radio 101

We designed a creative solution of birthday visuals for the famous Radio 101, which is chosen as the most suitable by the jury of Radio 101.

Design of promotional visual for Radio 101

Radio 101 is one of the most recognizable Croatian radio stations. Longstanding commitment to public expression of freedom  and the extraordinary and creative methodology of infroming provided Radio 101 the status of unquestioned authority and creators of public media. For these reasons, the invitation to tender for the promotional solution creation in the form of a birthday card for Radio 101, was a great challenge for us.

The offer poster design solution contains an element of a human head (without hair), which is from primary perspective placed upside down. Specific positioning of graphics of the head (up to the eyes only) is complemented by the element of the stitch having a double communication message. From the primary perspective this stitch acts as a stitch in the mouth and presents a message of the right to freedom of speech, while from the real perspective the stitch is placed at the forehead and presents a message of the right to freedom of thinking. Both messages correspond to the fundamental commitment of Radio 101 to first of all provide the listener with genuine and relevant information and enable them to actively participate in the daily program. Finally, in accordance with a complete solution, communication is completed with the slogan "Thank you we are not stupid", and the style is characterized by simplicity and recognizability.

The solution won the 1st prize of the tender.

101 promo 01

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