Visual identity and packaging of VIKO footwear

Company's promotion story - from identity design to design of memos and ads, uploaded to printed materials and web promotion through newsletter production.

Visual identity and packaging of VIKO footwear

VIKO Footwear Factory, specialized in producing high quality footwear, engaged us for rebranding, visual identity design and creation of business documents, promotional materials design and shoe packaging design. Color scheme, original graphic elements, graphic design and using slogans such  as "Flexibility & Power" deliver company business vision with tradition and the commitment to create excellent and reliable products. Communication simplicity and precision are within the solution base that together form a recognizable whole. Have we succeeded, evaluate by yourself.

Brand identity, packaging and promotional solutions design

Company visul identity is transferred into design of memo and into promotional / ad visuals and newsletter design

VIKO identity 01

VIKO identity 02

VIKO packaging 02

VIKO packaging 01

VIKO newsletter

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