Evolva corporate identity

Evolva corporate identity

Evolva company knows what it's like to build a good business communication platform with quality logo design, good structure of business documentation, design of flyer and brochures design. It was only necessary to give a creative momentum and realize what was wanted on mutual satisfaction :-).

Logo design, company profile and promotive materials

Evolva company is one of those partners who know how to deliver to their clients precise information, which is confirmed by their status on the Croatian market. To make creative visual upgrade of such communication, is to balance company's need for gaining top visual identity recognition and to remain within an elegant, unobtrusive business presentation. Starting with logo design through the definition of corporate graphic standards, folder design, corporate materials design, to the design and production of promotional and web materials, we completed the process of visual identity for which we guarantee that on short and long paths brings a big plus in company's relation with existing and potential clients.

Logo design of Evolva company and visual identity derivations for their business solutions...

Evolva identity 01

Evolva identity 02

Evolva identity 03

Design od business folder (company profile), corporate and promotional materials ...  

Kreda Visual Identity 18

Kreda Visual Identity 04

Evolva identity 04

Evolva identity 06

Evolva identity 07

Evolva identity 08

Evolva identity 09

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