Signaling design for Park Boutique Hotel

Original hotel interior marking solutions.

Signaling design for Park Boutique Hotel

Signaling is a mandatory functional segment of every hotel's interior, so it is very important that in visually designed spaces exist as a quality designed feature which, with color and materials at the same time, permeates with interior and offers clarity, readability and visibility.

Guided by our stylistic preferences in creating original solutions, we have created a combination of leisurely symbolism and elegant space realization, re-permeating already mentioned elements of the basic promotional story about the hotel in various space situations. Hotel visual identity is clearly complemented and completed both by photographic and symbolic elements of graphic design and by functional implementation in the interior itself.

PBH signaling 002

PBH signaling 003

PBH signaling 004

PBH signaling 005

PBH signaling 006

PBH signaling 007

PBH signaling 008

PBH signaling 009

PBH signaling 010

PBH signaling 011

PBH signaling 012

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