Varaždin County visual identity

Varaždin County visual identity

Varaždin County is one of the oldest Croatian administrative wholes and is mentioned for the first time in the 12th century. The flag and coat of arms of the county are commonly used in the official correspondence since 1778 and as such represent a strong communication link with the multi-century tradition of county as an institution. We took this fact as a basis for visual identity design - three curved red and two white fields represent the stylization of the Varaždin County flag base.

Coat of arms supplemented by visual identity design

Unconventional form of a stylized element was designed to emphasize in the first place a high level of elegance and communicate with a specific view on nobleman flags used in the past. This way we metaphorically transmitted the message of managing tradition and historical affiliation to the geographic / demographic whole of the Varaždin region, in the wider sense of the term as well as the unavoidable baroque link. At the same time, the curves with their form emphasize the dynamics of graphic representation and communicate with management processes, and the mild line roundedness metaphorically refers to hilly view of Varaždin region. Red color is an indispensable element of a complete visual background, and a secondary upgrade with a warm golden-yellow color gives added effect to refinement and cultural academic legacy. Example of the folder design shows that the starting elements of compositional transformation of visual identityworks equally successfully through the design. With the color and the specific form it is possible to create new elements in the business communication and documentation system very effectively.

Letterhead design, visit cards, envelopes...

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