Bottles and glass photography

Studio product photography includes different types of technical performance, and one of the more demanding types is glass objects photography.

Bottles and glass photography

Different types of bottles are the most common objects of promotional photography in this segment, in a wide range from food items (oils, juices, alcoholic beverages, etc.) to various hygiene and cosmetic products.

Fotografija flasa postavljanje scene

Our examples of photograpy types - according to the complexity of the scene

Fotografija flasa 01

Fotografija flasa 02

Fotografija flasa 03

Photography retouching

Why, in fact, do we need additional computer processing of the photo after shooting? We may think that this is a kind of excessive decoration for the presentation of the product, but on the contrary, with quality and balanced processing we approach the real impression that an object or scene leaves on us when watching "in nature".

Fotografija flasa obrada fotografije

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