Pecenec sawmill facilities and product photography

Pecenec sawmill facilities and product photography

Sawmill Pečenec has over 100 employees, it is oriented to the export of wood products. Company needed to make a significant step forward in the presentation of production plants, and primarily their products - wooden panels for furniture and interior decoration for the German market.

On-site photography

In addition to the standard photography of plant facilities, we had to make on-site product photography. Massive wooden boards weighing up to 100kg could not be transported and photographed in the studio so we made a small, improvised studio in the production plant. Good preparation and vision of the final design for promotional materials, on this occasion, was of utmost importance because we had "killer" deadlines and there was no time for errors and repetitions.

On-site improvised photo studio

Pecenec foto 01

We used a low-key photography to preserve the sensitive texture and natural look of the wooden product surface

Pecenec foto 02

Photo processing and design for elegant and professional product presentation

Pecenec foto 03

Photography of sawmill production plants

Pecenec foto 04

Pecenec foto 05

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