OPG Kostanjevec product photography with arrange food

OPG Kostanjevec product photography with arrange food

In the aegis of the Bedem restaurant in Varaždin (www.bedem-varazdin.com), it was pleasure to create product photo for promotion of top quality pumpkin oil of OPG Kostanjevec and oil mill association of Varaždin County.

One of the leading Croatian masterchefs, Mr. Anđelko Levanić, surprised us again with rare food and arrangements that had pumpkin oil as a leitmotif.

Photography of product with dish arranged (food)

During photographing we combined natural and extra light, we used city and the restaurant scenes and on the spot, in the interior, we made a style product photography in combination with beautiful dishes. We had a very challenging and technically demanding task because of the food photography specificity and glassware item, but in the end, a good result and customer satisfaction is always a complete reward.

Hang out with dear and friendly people of Bedem restaurant and OPG Kostanjevec was an engagement that we would like to repeat many times :)

Kostanjevec Bedem 01

Kostanjevec Bedem 02

Kostanjevec Bedem 03

Kostanjevec Bedem 04

Kostanjevec Bedem 05

Kostanjevec Bedem 06

Kostanjevec Bedem 07

Kostanjevec Bedem 08

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