Decorating food and photography for Vero products

Decorating food and photography for Vero products

For the palette of Vero brand dry-meat products, we made the original stylistic photo of the food.

Photo can be a key element in product design, so it is very important for that segment to work with particular attention to present the content in a correct way. Correctness is the basic term because it equally imposes the aesthetic criteria, but also realistic visualization that does not mislead the consumer, but offers a hint of product characteristics and quality.

Food photo at Kreda studio

Vero company product design was extensive and demanding due to its large scope, but we did it with joy because we worked with the Vero team that was ready to step out of the standard frames. In the Kreda photo studio we made a complete arrangement and food photo, and we used the available technology for quick and efficient coordination and photo selection. See below for the inter-local sinergy results.

Vero photo 01

Vero photo 02

Vero photo 03

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