Cover page design of VIDI magazine

Cover page design of VIDI magazine

VIDI magazine is one of the most recognizable Croatian brands in the field of information journalism. Over the years, the journal has been promoted as a relevant informant and reviewer of technological (computer) innovations and an inevitable factor in creating opinions among its readers.

Decision to leave one of its printed page editions for creative expression of the public, we accepted as an opportunety to form a visual message that would communicate the unavoidable and rapidly growing synergy between man and technology. Technological dependence of modern civilization is not only reflected in mechanical dependence, but everyday innovations are the basis of the general functional link between man and technology both physically and mentally.

Such thinking was the assumption to creating a graphic solution that puts a human face in the foregound partially permeated with electronic elements. The interaction between the organic and the mechanical (hardware) forms precisely communicates the interdependence of the biological and technological. Interdependence of the two extremes does not offer concrete answers but states the observer to come to the conclusion himself about the benefits and challenges of modern technologies.

The solution won the competition 1st prize

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