Lukaps company profile

Lukaps company profile

To promote Lukaps company production of pharmaceutical capsules, there was a great challange to present visually uninteresting object as a valuable goods and high quality product in technical performance (which, in fact, it is, if technological features and rules of production are known).

Products photography and company profile design

By presenting the capsule as a large and dominant element of the basic visual, detailing and using the netless perspective, we give it importance and value. Dark background, play of reflection, light and shadow, metaphorically create the impression of professional, technologically superior approach to production process.

Apart from setting up the composition, dynamics of the file (folder) design, as one of the essential elements of communication, was introduced using black and white contrast and various color capsules.

Design also includes photography of production facilities, products and raw materials.

Lukaps identity 01

Lukaps identity 02

Lukaps identity 03

Lukaps identity 04

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