Product branding

If you have a product line with strong sales potential, it is good to have well designed brand as a communication mosaic for accessing potential buyers.

Product branding

Product branding gives long-term effects

Product line branding ranges from product positioning analysis to whom, how, why. Branding or rebranding products most often include:

  • Defining key concept
  • Defining product line visual style
  • Choosing brands name
  • Product line logotype design
  • Graphic standardization of design elements
  • Definining color scheme
  • Product packaging design
  • Presentation using 3D graphics or printed models of packaging
  • Preparation for print production

Branding is important to keep the essence of product vision to achieve long-term effect of awareness on product quality and purpose.

Kreda Packaging 01

Photo: Product line branding, photos for design, and packaging design of Kraljevske slastice brand [read more]

Product branding is also a details care

Packaging design can go along or past trends, there is no bad direction, potential danger lies in poor performance.

As a product designers that create most diverse forms of packaging and packaging graphics for twenty years, we can confirm that products packaging production is like modeling of small sculpture, a three-dimensional artwork, visually sophisticated, form and performance adapted to the usage norms and the targeted costs. Packaging design must satisfy both product owner and buyer, it is an unavoidable bridge between creating and using the product.

Kreda Packaging 11

Photo: Product line branding, style photography for design, and packaging design of Vero brand [read more]

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